Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy. Logistics and all.

Ok, here goes nothing. My first attempt EVER to write my blog post in English.

Yeah, I know. But maybe 7 years of living in a country of English speakers is just enough to be able to share some opinions. We’ll see.

So, let’s talk Amalfi Coast logistics – how to get there, where to stay and how to move around the place.

It all started with an Instagram picture how original I saw while stalking other people. The picture looked like this.

It had me at hello – I had to see this magical town with my own eyes. Google gods delivered the name and whereabouts – Positano, Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy. The location for the annual upcoming vacation was still in talks so I went for it and quite stealthily convinced my husband that he wanted to go there too. Frankly it wasn’t too hard as anywhere with pizza & beer available in unrestricted quantities is a good place))

So that was settled, and the following day began with my usual morning coffee accompanied by ticket search to Italy. I do love internet – you can organise all vacay logistics not moving far from your couch.

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